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Roseland Wealth Management is a full-service financial advisory firm under the leadership of Aaron Simon, who honed his skills as an advisor through 20 years at Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo before launching his own firm.

The company is named after Roseland Ballroom, the legendary Manhattan music hall built by Mr. Simon’s great-grandfather and great-uncle in 1919, “the most famous dance hall in the world,” according to a 1942 issue of the New Yorker. In its heyday, Roseland was home to a broad range of events, from jazz and big band concerts to marathon dance competitions to Louis Armstong’s first concert to a mixed-race crowd. 

The family sold the venue in 1981, and the building was demolished in the spring of 2014. But to the Simon family, Roseland continues to inspire entrepreneurship and community-building, both of which are values embraced by the team at Roseland Wealth Management.